2024 3rd International Conference on Health Big Data and Intelligent Healthcare(ICHIH 2024)

ICHIH 2023

The Successful Conclusion of ICHIH 2023 

The conference, hosted by Zhuhai College of Science and Technology, aimed to provide a platform for participating scholars to exchange views and share experiences in Health Big Data, Intelligent Healthcare and related fields, and promote the industrialization of academic achievements.     

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Opening Remarks


During the opening ceremony of the conference, Prof.  Lv Wei, the Dean of Alibaba Cloud Big Data Application College, Zhuhai College of Science and Technology, delivered an opening speech.

Keynote Speeches


Keynote SpeakerⅠ: Professor Yun Yang, Yunnan University

Speech Title: Research on data and knowledge driven ensemble intelligence and its applications in Smart Healthcare


Keynote SpeakerⅡ: Asscociate Professor Yanyan Liang, Macau University of Science and Technology

Speech Title: Research on intelligent diagnostic technology of endoscopic images


Keynote Speaker Ⅲ: Professor Zheng'an Yao, Sun Yat-sen University

Speech Title: The Mathematical theories,methods and systems for the automation ofpathological diagnosis


Keynote Speaker : Asscociate Professor Wenjian Liu, City University of Macau

Speech Title: Intelligent Healthcare and AIGC

  Oral Presentations


Oral Presentation Ⅰ: Miyang Yang, Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Speech Title: Finite Element Analysis of the Normal Female Pelvic Floor Structure


Oral Presentation Ⅱ: Aocheng Ji, Jiangxi University of Chinese Medicine 

Speech Title: Anti-inflammatory mechanism of Ligustrum lucidum Ait  based on network pharmacology and molecular docking


Oral Presentation Ⅲ: Jing Ji, Zhejiang Institute of Metrology

Speech Title: A Collecting Device for Exhaled Breath Detection by Nanostructure-initiator Mass Spectrometry


Oral Presentation Ⅳ: Jeff Lin, The National University of Malaysia

Speech Title: Optimizing Pneumonia Detection Model Based on CNN-SVM (Convolutional Neural Network - Support Vector Machine)

 During the conference, participants have carried out constructive dialogues and discussions around the presented reports, and achieved positive results in many aspects.   

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The conference focused on the new challenges and new directions in the fields of  Health Big Data and Intelligent Healthcare, and focused on reflecting the latest progress in related technical research in this field. The smooth convening of this conference has promoted the exchange and cooperation between experts and scholars at home and abroad.